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Why wade through hundreds of rules for games nobody ever plays to find what you need. This book covers only the best games for various numbers of players. Makes a great office gift or stocking stuffer!

Instructions for playing the most popular and fun card games, billiard games, "parlor" games, travel games, and bar games. Includes Boticelli, Canasta, Categories, Cheer!, Eight-Ball, Elimination, Finesse, Gin Rummy, Hearts, Oh Hell!, Nim, Nine-Ball, Pinochle, Pitch, Poker (including Texas Hold 'Em), Spades, Spider, Spite & Malice, Syn, Word Squares, and other fun games., Plus, learn how to create the perfect solitaire game for your tastes.

8-Ball Mini Poster

Key rules useful in settling disagreements about the game of 8-ball. Gives World Standardized Rules as used by WPA, BCA, WPBA, and USPPA. Also includes significant variations used by UPA and APA.

Suitable for framing and hanging in your recreation room or clubhouse.
17" x 11"

Let there be peace on Earth!

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