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Momentpoint Media is pleased and proud to publish a book of interest and importance to every living soul.
Neither Religion nor Philosophy — Just the Facts

The critics say: "both profound and easily understood. … A must read" "speaks clearly with logic and common sense" "A great book … definitely impressive" "well-written, deeply researched, and thought-provoking … a hard-to-put-down book" "This unusual and stimulating book delivers more than its title might suggest … an ideal book for absolute beginners, but even advanced students should find something new in it." "If there was ever a book written to allay the fear and dread of dying, this is it!"

Questions cover the history, traditions, music, stories, shows, and intriguing facts surrounding Christmas, Thanksgiving, and New Year's celebrations. Some will provoke laughter and many have fascinating explanations. The unique challenge opportunities and scoring system keep every player involved and give everyone a fair chance to win.

"The Holiday Game
That's Almost As Much Fun
As Opening Presents"


How to play the most popular and fun card games, billiards games, and "parlor," "bar," and "travel" games. Best games for various numbers of players. Fascinating facts and curiosities. An essential reference for every recreation room, activity room, college dorm, retirement center, card club, and billiard room. No space taken up by arcane games that are rarely played -- just the most entertaining in an easy-to-find and fun-to-read book.. Includes exclusive rules for Cheer!, Finesse, and Syn.
Makes a great gift or
Christmas stocking stuffer.

Includes Finesse
The most fun four people can have at a card table!
Easy to learn, yet endlessly challenging to play.

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